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Fall Renovation Projects with High Return on Investment Worth Tackling

Whether you’re selling your home or if you’re looking for a change, these fall renovation projects will breathe some new life into your home and see a return! If you haven’t read the HomeLight Q2 Survey, you may not realize that the renovation project that’ll give you the most bang for your buck is going to be creating a dedicated home office out of any spare space you have. Yes, this project will cost somewhere around $12,000 and you’ll get an 87% return on investment, but because this is something buyers are looking for post-COVID-19, it’s very likely that your
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COVID-19 Real Estate Trends That are Here to Stay

These COVID-19 Real Estate trends are here to stay as Realtors, buyers, and sellers adjust to the new normal. The switch to a virtual world has created many opportunities for home buyers and sellers to experience showings and open houses from the comfort of their own home. These trends will help you stay up to date with the current market.
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5 Tips for Hosting a Virtual Open House

  Wow, the events of 2020 so far have taken the whole world by surprise. Everyone is having to adjust to a new normal, including adding “face mask” to the list of things you need before you leave the house. Phone, Wallet, Keys, Face Mask, Gloves, Hand Sanitizer…. the list goes on, but with all these changes it can be hard to keep up! The shift to a virtual world can leave some people playing catch up as they start using new technology. We are here to help! Having hosted a live open house, we wanted to share some best
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