Why Mountain Cabins Are The Go To Move – November 2019

Whether it be a rustic old time look, or a modern sophisticated getaway cabin, Everyone loves the look of a cozy, warm log home.




  Properly built log homes will last for future generations to come and can be a long term investment.  Investing in a mountain log cabin can provide assurance that your home and its value will last.  Everyone loves the aesthetic of a rich, wooden, durable home embedded in the mountains.  And the best part is, You can work a log cabin in to any budget.  Not only do these homes have “the looks”, they are also very economical.  Whether you are using recycled materials or building a custom and new wooden home, the wood that is being used is a renewable resource.  When properly sealed, log cabins are extremely energy efficient and can trap and enclose heat, or cool the air.  Sturdier than the average home, a properly stained and sealed log cabin home can withstand large amounts of snowfall, high winds and storms. To ensure Your cabin will last, maintenance is key.  It is essential to seal the wood every few years and properly treat the wood.

  So now the question is, when will You be moving in to Your own mountain cabin home?

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